Rather than switching jobs entirely, here are four tips on how to create a role that’s fulfilling, challenging and meaningful

The best way to get a job in today’s economy is to create your own – or adapt your current role to fulfil your talents and interests.

More and more companies are supporting employees who want to make these changes because if they don’t, they will lose them to competitors. Intel, for example, has a tool called the Development Opportunity Tracker (DOT) where different groups post an opening for a temporary position to give employees a chance to experience a different part of the company.

In a survey by Millennial Branding and American Express, 73% of managers said they were willing to support employees who wanted to move within the corporation. And almost half of the employees surveyed said they were interested in making these moves because they wanted meaningful work that they were passionate about.

With a 13% labour turnover rate in the UK, it’s very likely you’ll end up changing jobs in your career. So, here are four tips on how to go about creating a role you’re proud of.

1. Volunteer

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