The findings about evangelical Christian beliefs in America come alongside a push by evangelical leaders increased awareness

Nearly half of evangelical Christians believe mental illness can be overcome by Bible study and prayer instead of medical intervention, according to a survey.

Lifeway Research found that 35% of Americans and 48% of those who identified themselves as evangelicals believed that people with serious mental disorders can overcome their illnesses with “Bible study and prayer alone“.

Ed Stetzer, president of Lifeway research, a Christian research organization connected to the chain of stores with the same name, said the results showed that churches needed to work harder to address the issue of mental illness.

“I would say that if your leg is broken, you’re going to believe in prayer, you’re going to believe in scripture, but you’re probably also going to have some medical intervention,” Stetzer said.

“You have to distinguish between character change and mental illness and I think that’s sometimes hard for people to do,” he added.

Stetzer said he hoped to see more Christians embrace a holistic approach to mental illness, embracing the medical intervention alongside with prayer and scripture.

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