The retirement of Hugo Schwyzer from the feminist blogosphere highlights the difficulties faced by men within the movement

My week began, like so many others, with a message: “I’m writing an article on male feminists and wondered if you might be willing to answer a few brief questions?”

I replied as I usually do, that I’m happy to help if I can, but on the proviso that I am not a feminist. I’m often called a feminist by others, in roughly equal measures as a compliment and an insult, and I am happy to take it in the intended spirit either way, but it is not how I define myself. The very notion of male feminism has never sat comfortably with me, and when I began writing and blogging more regularly on gender issues, it soon became apparent that it would be a less troublesome for everyone if I did so from outside the feminist tent.

Last week, one of the world’s most prominent and controversial male feminists announced he was quitting the internet and would no longer be blogging on feminist issues. Hugo Schwyzer has long been a deeply divisive figure within feminism. Although his blogs Read More